20 May 2009

Riz One – Heavy Innit June 2009 glitch hop mix

(the author of the mix has not provided the artwork, yet, thus a randomly selected picture, hope you like it)

Riz One – Heavy Innit mix June 2009

Humping and whomping ill mix full of great glitch hop and dubstep tracks and remixes plus ass-kicking acapella mash ups which I really dig. EPROM vs. Consequence / Boreta vs. Ice / Klone vs. The Team - OHMG , f…g killers! “Call the cops, it’s getting wild in here” arghhhhhh love this rant!! In general, perfect selection of acapellas all across the mix skillfully wowen into heavy glitch sound. Tight and consistent work, making my head and shoulders swing in this typical whompy way. Yeah, I’ll soon have neck and shoulders muscles of the body-builder size. I always claimed that listening to music makes you fit (especially when sitting behind the desk at work).

Australian, Riz One knows how to handle his gear properly. Real sonic pleasure. Respect! I’m waiting for more.