19 June 2009


or grab the entire MAH show which featured PANTyRAiD, Architeq and Falty DL.
Mary Anne Hobbs - Experimental 2009 05 13 Falty DL, PANTyRAiD and Architeq [Hotfile download]

What a great mix! I missed this show from Mary Anne Hobbes, thankfully PANTyRAiD stuff is too good to become lost and the mini mix re-surfaced recently. Thanks the blogosphere for this! This is the best 15 minutes of crunky glitch hop extravanga I’ve heard in a while. Panty Raid is the collaboration project of Marty Party and Ooah of Glitch Mob fame. They have worked hard on their album and after releasing the first staff, they immediately has won the recognition and appreciation of the glitch hop community, which is not surprising at all as their heavy and dirty music is sooo infectious and their use of accepellas simply unparalleled.

The mix includes five super doper cool tracks starting from smashing mashup of Upset / Beba with great accapellas and killing sound, moving through whompy Cruncolicious electro, to enthno-inspired, meditative yet pretty energetic Worship the Sun, definitely bearing the strong influence of Ooah inspirations. The f….g gangsta shit-brained top-40 hip hop posse should listen to PantyRaid’s music and maybe rethink a few mis-conceptions they have about proper hip hop sound.

As in Hitchock movies, the mix starts with an earthquake and works it way through to even more shocks, dirty and heavy Headcase and Enter the Machine, where Glitch-Mob meets fantastic dubstep sub-bass. The entire mix is sooo f…g tight. I’m eagerly waiting for the release of their album which should happen as soon as July this year. Currenlty, their first single with Beba / Get the Money is coming off the press of
Marine Parade . Don’t sleep on this! Listen to the preview here. And don’t forget to check their nice remix of Adam Freeland’s “Do You” on Beatport. PantyRaid has moved immediately to top-1 spot on my releases-to-wach list. They will be huge, I have no doubt about this.

PANTyRAiD – ‘Upset / Beba Mashup’ with Lil John Acapella
PANTyRAiD – ‘Crunkalicious’
PANTyRAiD – ‘Worship the Sun’
PANTyRAiD – ‘Headcase’ with Ray Cash ‘Sex Appeal’ Acapella
PANTyRAiD – ‘Enter The Machine’