10 June 2009

Kid606 - Shout at the Doner review

songs about the decline of America, leaving California, broken hearts, drunken hook-ups, social phobias, soulless partying, economic downfall, gnarly basslines, ego worship, moving to berlin, diva vocals, baltimore club, obsessive compulsive disorder, the best parts of horror movies, acidhouse, ADHD, shameless irony, speed garage, megalomania, LSD, satanism and the ever prevalent Döner Kebab

1. Intro
2. Be Monophobic With Me
3. Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare feat. Jamie Stewart
4. Samhain California
5. Hello Serotonin, My Old Friend
6. The Church Of 606 Is Now Open For Business
7. Getranke Nasty
8. Dancehall Of The Dead
9. America’s Next Top Modwheel
10. You All Break My Heart
11. Baltimorrow’s Parties
12. Celebrate Yourself
13. Monsters
14. Malcontinental
15. Great Lakes
16. Underwear Everywhere
17. Good Times

Kid 606’s new album “Shout at the Doner” is an ‘old-school' sandwich with strong synth-punk pop flavor, saturated with simple beats, dark and grotesque atmosphere and rave trips into probably too well-known regions. I remember very well these great raves back then, and his newest music proposition easily clicked with my nervous system full of old time memories, giving me a few pleasant kicks along the way. But don’t worry dear young listener, this album offers much more than just a mere nostalgic muzak for old farts like me. The beat may be simple but the Kid606’s trademark bleeps, glitches and distortions are all there.
Miguel Depedro, Venezuelan laptop master (best known as Kid606), moved to Berlin some time ago and this definitely played a role in his current search for an unpretentious music in the new mashed-up and remixed unreality of the scene late in the first decade of 21st century. He decided to be faithful to his own trade-mark electronica without bowing to any fashionable trends or genres. Thanks to this we received the usual traits of Kid606 productions – ability to infuse tracks with unlimited, raw and pulsating energy, unique, twisted technical skills and intelligent approach to all these music styles floating around. He knows how to kick ass (well, at least mine) and has always had a few surprising drops and bombs prepared for his faithful fans. I’m definitely one of them – I even have a few cassettes with his old stuff at home!!! When I'm thikning about it now, I may even go to the basement tonite to look for an old tape recorder :)

Highlights of the release are: Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare: of course. The title single track has been already remixed by a few artists (with varied effect). The original mix is plain funny and properly heavy, plus it includes an interesting reference to THE sound of bass community – the wobble, hated by many but loved by others (for me personally it is overused in dubstep recently, but a good wobble is always a good party tool). Samhain California: definitely the best track in this package! Very tight, heavy bounce in a kind of tribute to ‘80s synth-pop and early acid beat. A definite banger to smash a few dancefloors. I wonder why DJ’s are not using this pearl more in their mixes?? Malcontinental – ultra-heavy distorted sound, a kind of Kid606 synthesizer solo in which listeners should immediately recognize the sample used. Getranke Nasty, Baltimorrow’s Parties and Monsters: 4/4 crazy rave stompers. Stupid fonky beat I would call it. Makes me smile wild and bark at my co-slaves at work! Bark bark bark …. Dancehall of the Dead: dance or die motherfuckers! Reminds me of the productions of hardcore rave king – Panacea. You all break my heart: a very nostalgic trip for me. This is a track I wish I had heard during my first techno parties in Poland at the beginning of the 90’s. Instead of “Who killed JFK”, “U96” and similar cheesy crap (which at that time was sooo BIIIG!!). Good times: a nice, experimental raeggeton outro.
All in all “Shout at the Doner” is not bad at all, at all. Give it a try here:

SHOUT AT THE DÖNER MEGAMiX A short teaser mix presenting all the tracks from “Shout at the Doner”

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