21 July 2009

24th of July 2009 - mega party at Fabric!! plus 16bit remix

Oh my, Londoners you lucky bastards. Again. On 24th of July Room 3 in Fabric will be taken over by a mega crew of crunky bass terrorists namely Drop the Lime, Starkey, 16bit and Tayo. What a ridiculous line-up! I wish I was there (well, the only consolation for me is the fact that Drop the Lime will play in Warsaw on 25th). I am totally positive the guys will destroy the dancefloor with their banger bass and weird beat bombs. What is more - Room 1 will see the performance by Adam Freeland .... eh, I hate you ..... Just listen to this fantastic remix of Borgore's Foes by 16bit!

Borgore - Foes (16bit fuck hoes remix)