19 July 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs - Mochipet vs. Guido vs. Computer Jay 08.07.09

2009-07-08 Mary Anne Hobbs -Guido vs Mochipet vs Computer_Jay [HOTFILE]

Mary Anne Hobbs never disappoints, her shows introduced me to so many artists over the years I’ve lost the count. Mixes she features in Radio One Experimental are usually top-notch. For some time already her selection seemed to drift a bit away from dubstep more towards west coast / crunky / wonky / lazer / glitch hop sound (well I’m talking about certain overall and very generalized trend as MAH has never failed to cover the broadest possible range of interesting electronic music and never stuck to one particular genre). The show with mixes by Mochipet vs. Guido vs. Computer Jay is a good example here. For me personally, one of the best MAH shows this year.

Mochipet shows all his skills in operating the knobs and buttons delivering bass-heavy bullet straight in yer head, starting off with MJ’s remix, soaking his product with crazy breakcore beats and whomped synths plus head-nodding and seriously glitched hip hop and spicing all this with some dubstep. Well, I love Mochi,and I love this mix! Mochipet has just released a first remix single of his fanstastic Master P on Atari – Godzilla New Year, with great remixers such as Ana Sia, Vibesquad, An-ten-nae, Mimosa, David Starfire. Expect a longer review after my holidays when I get access to proper net connection and my paypal account :) Check the release here.

Bristol-based Guido also delivers a fantastic mix of his own productions. Urban soundz cooked in a wonky way, at first preparing listeners to the main course with some softer r&b but then, oh.. then this tastes like nothing else. Bristol has become a source of so many fantastic producers popping up all over the place that I seriously suspect some ultra-strong lay lines crossing this land or a hand of some mythic goddess of creativity. Guido’s twelve will be released on Perverelist’s label – Punch Drunk later this Autumn – you better watch out, this will be BIIIIG!!

Now moving to West Coast again – Computer Jay whose sound is described by him as “a digital and analog melt of vintage moogs and circuit-bent commodore 64’s and beat banging drum machines”. Well, I have nothing to add to this description, maybe apart from the fact that it is actually much more than that! Crunky, a bit oldschool sounding, yet extremely original IDM. Another great West Coast electronic artist on his way to fame, I have no doubt about this. You’ll definitely hear more about him in the future.

Finally, in Headz Up Section, Milos from Serbia presents one of the best West Coast labels from SF – Muti Music represented here by Great Scott’s (founder of new internet radio station Glitch FM devoted to West Coast trademark sound of glitch hop / turbo crunk / lazer bass and similar) typical glitch hop killer Theorists, Subvert’s bass-heavy anthem Speaker Humpin and Klone’s spaced glitch electronica in Can’t Remember What They.

Finally, I have to mention Nochexxx's Smashing Your System – oh my what a track weird out-of-space experimental hip-hop with ranting distorted to the max, pure aqua crunk bonanza!!! Would fit nicely into Lazer Sword mix! And Envy's Set Yourself On Fire – what a voice, what a great music. I have to memorize this name definitely.

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