27 July 2009


I've just returned from 2-week holidays and feel totally out of place sitting behind my desk in my corposhitation. Fortunately ZZK made my transition from sunny beach to gloomy room more bearable. ZZK Crew released another great package . An album including 10 best remixes of Fauna (i.e. Color_Kit and Catarsis). Fauna, Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolón, Villa Diamante, El G, Nim and DJ Uter each chose their favorites out of 40 entries to create La Manita de Fauna Remixes, an album with 10 tracks that can be downloaded for free from ZZK Records.


These guys from Argentina are really on the run, this package just proves their potential. Practically all 10 tracks are at least good with a few sure-fire killers. Bersa Disco and ZZK are the shit for me right now. A few words about the contents of the package:

01- Fauna - Gauchito Gil (Black Mandingo Bass Mix). Classic cumbia refix with heavy bassline. I like!!
02 - Fauna - El Zombie (DisqueDJ Remix). Great cumbia reggae with fantastic synth work and infectious dubby rhythm !!! TIP !! Love at first hearing!! Best remix in this great pack.
03 - Fauna - Las Mil Caras (Un Mono Azul Remix). Slowly building spacey acid banger! another killer in this package.
04 - Fauna - El 04 (Adrian Giordano Remix). A sunny cumbia tip.
05 - Zurita - Llega Fauna (bmore Skank mix). Skanking ass-kicking remix. Nice !
06 - Fauna - Las Mil Caras (Lagartijeando remix). Cumbia dancehall riddim.
07 - Fauna - El 04 (Brujjas Remix). Solid cumbia work with infectious beats and vocals.
08 - Fauna - Las Mil Caras (Searchl1te rmx) – low-key yet extremely bass-heavy remix by Searchl1te, just listen to this button work. Second best remix in this pack! Very dark unsettling track. Quite original refix of cumbia tune reminding me of Cardopusher stuff.
09 - Fauna - El 04 (Senorita Remix). Ok but nothing more.
10 - Fauna - Las Mil Caras (Roche Remix). A multi-layered track, very ambitious work, just listen carefully to what is happening in the background, behind typical cumbia beats and vocals – I like the way the artist creates great spacey textures and works with ‘sonido’. Another TIP of the package!

Check the artists who are featured on the album to get more cumbia shizzle:
Black Mandingo, Disque DJ , Un Mono Azul, Adrián Giordano, Zurita, Lagartijeando, Brujjas, Searchl1te, Senorina and Roche.

Europe watch out! ZZK Records is on summer tour – catch them near you. Starting this weekend at
Sfinks Festival in Belgium Fauna embarks on a European odyssey together with ZZK Records burgeoning star Douster. Dates below:

26 July - Douster & Fauna @ Sfinks Festival - Belgium
31 July - Fauna & Douster @ Bomb Diggy - Amsterdam , Holland
14 August - Fauna & Douster @ C/O Pop Festival - Cologne, Germany
15 August - ZIZEK Club with Fauna & Douster @ WMF - Berlin, Germany
21 August - ZIZEK Club with Fauna, Uproot Andy & Oro11 @ The Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston, USA
29 August - Douster @ Zomer Park Feest - Venlo, Netherlands