31 July 2009

j_Oddio - The Jershman Cometh mix

The Jershman Cometh mix – j_Oddio

I nearly forgot about this ultra tight mix by Houston's j_Oddio. Thanks to my bro Montek who is a big fan of this particular 62 minutes hit-parade, I decided to post it on my blog. It fully deserves it. Starting from some proper Dnb action, then moving to the classic ass-kicking glitch hop tracks, e.g. Mochipet, two bombs by Kraddy with his uber hit of Android Porn (I love this glitch heaven) and another track of the year – EPROM’s 64 bytes, here in a very interesting treatment by ill.gates (feat Meesha and Mat the Alien ) plus other good glitch hop / crunk stuff like Vibesquad, Subvert, an-ten-nae plus absolutely contagious and mesmerizing joints by Nanda and KnowSleep (oh these eastern vocals really melt me inside). In general great mix with selection of top music that this rising genre has to offer !!!