09 July 2009


Big, big nu-cumbia mix by Belgian Max Le Daron!! Best summer mix , there can be no doubt about this!

Well, I’ve never been a “funky guy”, in a sense that from my early heavy metal years (pre-history) I have acquired a serious distaste for anything cheesy or kitschy and always look at the darker side of the moon (hence my love for dubstep). For many years South American pop/folk music was put into the box with “don’t touch, it’s mega cheesy” sticker. Cumbia (and kuduro before) has seriously changed my attitude towards “tropical/third-world” beats, thanks to the new producers who treated local latin sounds with more modern tools. And honestly, this music is as intensive as nurave or electro bangers, makes by body move like crazy and makes me smile wild. Sunny tip definitely. Just listen to any Sonido del Principe, El Remolon or Uproot Andy track, you will know what I mean . Thanks to weird science blog for this fantastic tip.

Most of the artists represented in this mix are associated with two most energetic labels promoting cumbia across the world. One is Californian Bersa Disco which released music by, among others, Toy Selectah, Sonido del Principe (best cumbia track in my private ranking – Cargegena), Chancha via Circuito, with one name missing from the selection – that is Uproot Andy. The other is argentinian DJ collective and label – Zizek Records. Villa Diamante, El Remolon, Fauna are all associated with them (another new-comer to the ZZK rooster is none other than Douster which should ring a few bells with fans of blog music). Zizek Records has just released great cumbia compilation of ZZK Sound vol. 2. Grab it, this sound is goona be huge this summer. Check and download Uproot Andy – Brooklyn Cumbia on xlr8r, which is an opening track on this compilation .

Rave Mundial is a continuous mash-up of boosted cumbia pop beats with dancehall riddims and hip hop accapellas, the combination which works for me hot hot hot! Just listen to Toy Selectah refix of A Milli. Mega uber ultra f..g banger, one of the best refixes of this much-too-much remixed shizz!! But this cumbia version rocks hard! Or Shove it remix again by Toy Selectah. Or Villa Diamante - Chancha Via Circuito vs Lil Mama - another smashing cumbia pumping shit merged with hip hop. I bet one could sell this track easily in top-40, with one serious differrence - you could really have fun and enjoy listening to it. But the real highlight for me is El Remolon's remix of Matias Aguayo - Minimal. Minimal cumbia? WTF? Oh yes, fantastic minimal cumbia, with great bassline and slowed down rhythm perfect for head nodding. I really see serious affinity with glitch hop here! And I have to mention a very funny outro – Dizzee goes Peru by Grandpamini !!!! Dizzee's typical ranting clashed with autochtonic indian flute. Completely insane!

Douster ZZK mixtape.
El Remolon ZZK mixtape