08 July 2009


TOP 23 of June / July, more or less in order.

1. CLUBROOT – Dulcet
CLUBROOT – Embryo.
Hot off the press from Lo Dubs here comes the great release full of darkmatter, infectious basslines and moody melodies. Clubroot sounds like a merge of Burial beats with Forensics spacey sound textures. Next to Nosaj Thing’s Drift – another album of the year! Expect a longer review soon on my blog.

3. WOLF INTERVALS – All Up Under The Covers Day
Most insanely funny glitch hop remix of the year! Mother Lovers for real!

4.LOW LIMIT – Inspirational Jumpsuit

Finally, Lazer Sword’s LL releases the first vinyl – top notch crunk meditation.

5.INAUDIBLE - Game theory
Great glitch hop made in UK!!

6.HEYOKA – Alien Gibberish (Gate Code)
One of the best idm/midtempo producers in a fantastic release. Don’t sleep on this!!

7. KID606 – Monsters (Cardopusher remix)
The original track, 4/4 rave stomper, under the buttons of Cardopusher has been transformed into a slow-burning dubstep bass monster. SCARRYYY !!!

8. DJ ooooooo1 vs. MOCHIPET – Eazy-E on Atari
I f..g love these Daly City weirdos!!

9. ADAM JOHN – Dizze vs. Neptunes – Fix up like this
Mega ill mash up, hood-nodding heaven!

10.ROBOT KOCH vs. CEREBRAL VORTEX (feat. Ira Atari ) – Upside Down
Title track from the newest EP of this uber prolific and funky duo!!!

11.The Mighty Shed of Grunting
I can’t remember where I found this track, but it’s sooo deep :) and the work with vocals reminds me of some Dutch experimental project the name of which I’ve forgotten (ehh, I have a good memory but pretty short-ranging).

12.BEN SAMPLES – Players Anthem
Bad Boy Ben in a gangsta style fiya !!

13. JAHCOOZI – Watching You (Oliver $ Bassjunk remix)

Jahcoozi’s EP as a foretaste to the forthoming album and a contagious bassy remix by Oliver $)

14. PANTYRAID – Beba

First single from the most eagerly awaited full-length release. Marty Party and OOah will rock the shit out of you very soon!

15. FORENSICS – Swimming out to sea.

Salvia Divinorum trip into dark void!

16. DR. KUCHO – Eastern Promises (sOn1ka remix)
Pumping track in a very dark remix by
sOn1ka I really dig the music aesthetics of this guy from Costa Rica!

17. M4RS – blasting asteroids

Great, blasting, heavy glitch-hop track – check more on m4rs virb

18. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (2 Ninjas Dubstep Mix)
Oh gosh I love this track and the dubstep remix is sick, cold and heavy at the same time

19.+VERB – 80 cadolaccco
More glitch hop goodness coming from
+ Verb from AZ, USA.

KID606 – Samhein California
Best track on Kid606’s "Shout at the Doner". Very tight, heavy bounce in a kind of tribute to ‘80s synth-pop and early acid beat. A definite banger to smash a few dancefloors

Arrghhhh, I’m flying high!! Space trip without a spacecraft! Grab the entire Planetarium record full of tasty mind food

22. BLUETECH – Abandon all cities

Beautiful sonic landscapes taken from Call Of The Wild EP.

23. MAJOR LAZER - Jump up feat. Leftside & Supahyp (Co-Produced by the Crookers)
The best track on ML’s album.