06 August 2009


Self Evident is a member of Canadian Lighta! Sound crew (aka Bass Coast Project, Pacific Dubstep). The crew includes a.o. Michael Red, Taal Mala, Tusk, DJ Cure, Tank Girl, Max Ulis. His tracks have been played by: DJ Hatcha, The Bug, Kid Kameleon, EDU K, Headhunter. He collaborated with Warrior Queen, Fefe (Lil Monsta), Rider Shafique, Phase, Max Ulis, Taal Mala, Michael Red and Played alongside: Skream, Starkey, The Bug, Caspa, Excision, Bassnectar, Maga Bo and many others. His music is heavy on the dubstep tip but goes much beyond incorporating elements of glitch, heavy bass, grime and even dancehall.

Self Evident hit me with three heavy non-released tracks. They are by all means worth promoting.

ASSES UP ‘Face down ass up that’s the way we like to fuck’ – everyone has definitely heard this shit by (correct me if I’m wrong) Miami Bass dons - 2 Live Crew. Self Evident refixed this track leaving all-to-well-known lyrics and adding ultra slow, heavy bassline with totally infectious, drilling synths! Great work.

THE WALK Proper stomping beats with dancehall riddim with great drops, kicks and snares. Dirty bassline and delayed vocals create very dancefloor oriented vibe. Best track of the three I had a chance to hear.

EVBC Again, dirty bassline and proper button job with nice breakdown in the middle and warm vocals. Definitely a trademark track of Self Evident’s style (if I may put it this way).