06 August 2009


Bounce bounce stomp stomp kick kick jump juuuuuuuuuuuuuump !! CLP is in da hause!

I LOVE CLP (Chris de Luca and Phon.o). These two Berliners do not like nuances, complicated music patterns or soft basslines. No, they love to attack listeners with an avalanche of banging noize and fast beats with hardly any room for breath. I can clearly imagine myself jumping my ass off and sweating like an Eskimo in Ethopia to their music. Well, for now i have to hold the desk pretty hard and use all efforts to keep my head focused on a screen (please be a good head please). What a fantastic warm up to Saturday's hedonistic pleasures awaiting me at Audioriver Festival.

I don't give a f..g damn about MJ and media craze but CLP's refix of MJ's smooth criminal during their live show at Midsommer Fest simply killed me. Just listen! (sadly, no tracklist).

CLP DJ-Set at Midsommar Festival 2009 (Berlin)

and another dancefloor destroyer:

CLP Live at Friendly Integration (Blondies/Detroit)