15 October 2009

Big Dope P - Southside Anthem remix EP

1 - DJ HILTI Juke Remix
2 - THE CHEERZ Banger Remix
3 - EMMANUELLE Dope Remix
4 - DEEMAH Break It Down Remix


Big Dope P - Southside Anthem Remixes EP (TEASER) [mediafire]

Bounce Bounce wiggle wiggle shake shake to the gangsta ghetto beats.
Big Dope P is in da house. He is back with the new EP including 4 remixes of his Southside Anthem initially released on Dirty Geto Traxxx Volume 1 in May 2009 on moveltraxx. Big Dope P came to my radar thanks to absolutely smashing remix of Barely Evil by RQM. I really dig his uncompromised approach to music and juke house bouncy goodness he unleashes on the listening public. Great for resetting your mind after a tiresome day'n'nite of multi-tasking: browsing / listening / pretending-to-work / doing some other less important daily routines (like eating, talking to your girlfriend or playing with your kids). However, the main purpose of Big Dope P's music is quite obvious - he drops ill bombs to be activated in the clubs during hot ass-shaking manouvers at the dancefloor.

Grab the original track:
Big Dope P - Southside Anthem (original mix) (highly recommended)
Yeah, great stuff from Big Dope P. Ghetto bounce in full force!!

The first remix on the release is from Moveltraxx'
DJ HILTI. Juke house uptempo frenzy and fast drums will make you shake and jump like crazy. Copy that? Turbo Phenix & Wicked Fox aka THE CHEERZ (Ho-Ju Rec/Moveltraxx) go totally mental in a stomping B-More / Fidget Electro Banger. This one will be rinsed heavily by DJ's, I'm absolutely sure. The Cheerz has just drop their first EP on Ho-Ju Records which is supported by Kissy Sellout who spins their records every week on BBC1. More solid Baltimore comes from EMMANUELLE Crew. Brokenbeat based remix is very dancefloor-oriented and ghetto vocals spice up the shit properly. Finally, DEEMAH (OM Recordings/D'Lectable Rec) delivers classic house tune with chopped up samples which is rather not my cup of the tea.

One more remix of Southside Anthem which did not fit the release can be downloaded for free. Acid house remix by
Doan (TV On Mars / Musique Moderne / Interferences / dBfX) is heavy!

BIG DOPE P - SOUTHSIDE ANTHEM (DOAN from TV on Mars ACID RMX) (highly recommended)

If you want more - listen to this bouncy, liquid, shaky and dirty mix by the Big Man! Don't try it at work - you won't be able to concentrate or sit at the desk for more than 2 minutes :)


More banging goodies by Big Dope P:

Big Dope P - Chinagora Bloxxxx Bounce (Oliver$ remix) (highly recommended)
A typical pumping, 'silly' beat by Oliver$ plus some nice vocals and carnival air-horns and voila you have a ghetto banger.

Big Dope P - Back to Da Old Future (highly recommended)
Vocals simply kill!!

Big Dope P - Back to Da Old Future (Twist it! remix)
Broken beat amens and nice work with vocals. I like!