08 October 2009


Oh boy. Glitch Hop artists are releasing better and better music, and the end of the year really looks great. To be honest, a few months ago I was a bit bored with glitch hop sound having listened to artists, big names and young guns in this genre somehow facing a kind of impenetrable wall or missing something to make the required step to the next level (cavaet - this might be utterly a subjective view, but this is MY blog he he he). Then, the end of the summer came with amazing releases by PANTyRAiD, Mimosa, Ben Samples, Bassnectar, Vibesquad, Lunice, Godzilla New Year remix comp to mention just a few plus tons of really interesting mixtapes and many new, good producers joining the force. I have immediately regained my trust in glitch hop which is further strengthened by such releases as the debut Blunt EP by Blunt Instrument aka Luke (DJ Boxset) and Rocco who hail from Brisbane in Australia.

Blunt Instrument - Blunt EP

Blunt Instrument seem to approach music in a very organized way. Having a few-year experience in the filed of live music, they know their gear perfectly which allows them to polish the details properly delivering extremely tight tunes, actually the entire release is among the best produced music (any genre) by newcomers I've heard for ages!!! Blunt Instrument started from experimental hip hop made in Ninja Tunes, they also mention Amon Tobin, Tipper and Bassnectar among their inspirations. All this led to their full-time involvement with glitch hop sound which they commanded quite craftily.

The tracks on their debut EP look a bit at the darker side, in particular in Tech Percy which combines crispy distorted synths with melancholic piano in a kind of rain serenade, or Nose Poke with bassnectar-like beats and cut-up vocals. The heavy, stomping bwamp is also there!! Crumpled Funk, which is my personal highlight of the release, with infectious 'strategic tactics techniques' repeated all over, funky beat and pumping, talking bassline makes my legs move like crazy. I have to go smoke another cancer to chill out a bit (any excuse is good). Smashing Plates is another track with great potential for a club anthem - just listen to this mesmerizing acapella and wait till the distorted bassline drops. Wow!

Apparently they have a few dozen tracks waiting for final treatment on their hard drives. C'mon boys share them with us. I know they will be good!!

Also check the recent mix by Blunt Instrument: Animal Crunk for

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