21 October 2009

Helen Austin - When We Were Young (HipGnosis Mnr Ncnvnc Mx)

Beautiful remix of Helen Austin's - When We Were Young by HipGnosis. I am a real sucker for females singing such songs!!! HipGnosis glitched up infectious vocal and lovely guitars of Helen Austin, cut the beat up properly and laid down solid foundation for dreamy voyage through the sea of mesmerizing lyrics. This tune made my day. Please, gimme more.

<a href="http://music.hipgnosis.us/album/free-remixes-for-download">Helen Austin - When We Were Young (HipGnosis Mnr Ncnvnc Mx) by HipGnosis</a>

You can catch HipGnosis (a.k.a. Eric Young) on mighty
glitch.fm as a host of the show Between Zero and One. Definitely one of the most versatile, eclectic and 'deep' shows in this radio station, covering a braod range of music styles from breakcore, experimental hip-hop, IDM to glitch hop and psychedelia. Check his soundcloud for more sounds.

And don't forget to check HipGnosis experimental downtempo album Scientific Illuminism (Is For Sissies) released in April this year.