09 November 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs - Experimantal - Modeselektor, Machine Drum, Lorn, Daedelus

I have not posted M.A.H. Experimental for a while, but now she had such a series of killing shows YOU MUST NOT MISS that you can expect the full coverage on my blog.  Let's start from two shows aired in October.

First the show including exclusive mixes by Modeselektor and Machine Drum. Berlin-based duo Modeselektor explores very diverse regions of electronic music in their mix, which is actually more laidback and dreamy offering than their usual, famous live sets. But the real winner of this show for me is a a prolific New Yorker, Machine Drum's set. He will soon launch a regular club night with Lazer Sword, Mike Slott (Lucky Me), Jimmy Edgar in NYC- OMG what a f...g collection of forward thinking artists!! New Yorkers watch out. The mix is full of originals and remixes by the man, including my fave remix - neon acid remix of Gucci Sweatshirt by Lazer Sword, and also a track Mux Mool who is another of my favorite artists hailing from US. You can download Machine Drum's full-length "Want to 1 2" from iTunes, and expect a physical release of this album early 2010 (along with some other goodies on which he collaborated). Definitely, one of the most underrated releases out there!!!

Another great show was aired a week earlier. On 22 October 2009 MAH featured exclusive mixes by Daedalus and Lorn. West Coast par excellance with two eccentric artists. Daedalus probably needs no introduction as he is tirelessly releasing great chunks of weird IDM, experimental electronic music and touring across the world. He has actually visited Poland a few times, the last time just a few weeks ago, unfortunately I did not manage to go there :( The mix featured in this show was origingally recorded and aired in the spring when MAH released an entire series of West Coast oriented stuff.
Lorn is a pretty mysterious guy producing absolutely outstanding and mind-bending music, check the review of his eerie and beautiful EP Grief Machine by your humble narrator on glitch.fm. As an introduction of Lorn read an excerpt from my feature: "Lorn has recently joined the mighty Brainfeeder. He's just posted a few beat-rap tracks (feat. Notorious B.I.G, Mobb Deep). Wake up, fucked up is my personal best in this set. Check it to see how diverse Lorn's sound is. His brrap edits push hip-hop genre to a totally different level and once again prove that glitch-hop (lazer bass, brap) is the genre of the future. As opposed to classic hip-hop, in the case of glitch-hop, acacapellas seem to be just a booster to amazing beats and bleeps churned out by the big community of fantastic producers hailing from US. Lorn is definitely in the fore-front of this movement."