10 December 2009

Acid Crunk vol.2

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Muti Music celebrates it's 50th release with a huge release of the compilation of fantastic tracks collected by An-ten-nae. "An-ten-nae Presents Acid Crunk Vol.2" has smashed the
Beatport charts with a #1 in Dubstep (Datsik) (including 6 other top 10 tracks) # 1 in Electronica (Filastine and ill-gates) (including 5 other top 10 tracks) and #1 in Chillout (Bluetech) all at the same time, thus breaking the all-time record of Beatport!

Clearly, THIS IS the best compilation released this year. 10 out of 10 !!!!!!

I wish I had more time to write a proper review, but thankfully the wonderful Shilo from Dancefever5000 blog and a contributor to glitch.fm (and many many other music sites and magazines), has written a fantastic, crunky review on glitch.fm site. Read it and don't sleep on this mighty release.

For me personally, this extremely successfull marriage of West Coast crunky heavy bass and strong future hip hop sound with UK's dubstep-related sonic journeys and pretty eclectic EDM on top is the PERFECT combination and definition as such of the modern electronic music. It's really really tough job to mention a few highlights, as all the tracks show the absolutely immaculate production skills, but what is even more important all of them, while being in most part heavy hitting stompers, are very soulful and touching.

I'll try to write at least a few impressions. First of all - the winner of the release, Robot Koch's Hard to Find - it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful electronic voyages I've heard this year taken off the equally fantastic debut album which I hope to review soon on my blog. Then comes another killing joint - whompy, crunky roller by Filastine and ill-gates. Oh boy, Canadians know how to rock you hard. More Canada represented in H.A.A.R.P. by Dewey dB and ill-esha. A precious, delicate little gem of crunky bass and spacey harp strings melts me instantly. Another big name from glitchhopforum - Ben Samples shows his fantastic production skills in just one of the wide array of his heavy metal glitch productions - Carribean Heat. I really encourage you to check the rest. Aussie's Opiou in King Prawn delivers another killing stomper, accelerating slowly to finally embrace the linstener totally with full force.  You want banger, listen to Datsik's Southpaw - dirty, raw wobble and ass-kicking beat is all I need. Ooah and Marty Party on their electronic machines sculpt bass-heavy twisted objects submerged in mesmerizing and dirty crunk bassline. I really dig what these two guys are doing at the moment! Akira Kiteshi and Gemmy representing UK are all quality with Akira Kiteshi's track really growing on me since the first time I've heard it. Being a fan of Adam Freeland, I cannot omit the great remix of the best track of his latest release Do You - by the Acid Crunk man - an-ten-nae. Actually you can download the two latter tracks, as in order to celebrate this extremely successful relese, Muti Music was kind enought to give away these freebies. Enjoy!

Grab the entire release on Beatport. It's still super hot hot hot!