09 December 2009

NastyNasty - Kingdom Come B-sides freebies

This boy will be the glitch-hop / heavy bass star of 2010. Trust my werd! NastyNasty is about to release his debut album Kingdom Come on Frite Nite. You should definitely check already released single The Reef (including a remix by infamous Slugabed) as a foretaste to the full-lengh dropping in a month.

NastyNasty was kind enough to release to the public FOR FREE!!! a mega-ill package of 3 original tracks - Bats, Bombshelter and French Corgi, cuts from 2 albums, which did not fit the final release. Oh, boy, if these are the tracks which did not make it, I am already all-swet in anticipation of what Jasper Reeder cooked up for his debut! Bats and Bombshelter are super-ill, dirty, glitchy sonic assualts which absolutely deserved a proper release. Go grab the entire package and watch for NastyNasty conquering the music world next year. Big Respect NastyNasty!