09 December 2009


Kid606-Dance with the Chorizo EP by Tigerbeat6

Yeah! Kid606 seems unstoppable at the moment. Next week, Tigerbeat will release another veeeery extended maxi-EP by the master of sonic disaster and his motley crew of collaborators, which I will be more than happy to add to my extensive collection of weird beats and bleeps. Quality and diversity delivered by Kid606 as usual. Starting from dark, deep and low bass anthem of Samhain Atlanta, through pumping electro soca, mash-up frenzy of Another One Bites the Dubstep (Prodigy beats and synths) and typical Kid606 slowed-down bleepy beats in Lowlife Highrolling to a set of pretty diverse remixes.

Minimal funky techno remix of C.L.A.W.S. sounds quite o.k. proving that even in the genre which ceased to develop creatively long time ago (the rumors about its death are a bit exeggerated though) there may still appear tracks which offer something more than a dull repetition leading to irritation. Then, I'm really stoked to see CEX in the company of Kid606 again. I remember this duo from the 90's creating similar experimental electronic landscapes and often working back to back. But if Kid606 was never shy of heavy experimentation with knobs and buttons, Riyan Kidwell's (he he another kid) tracks were always captivating with their smooth melody lines, fantastic synths and infectious vocals. The remix of Kid606's Under Everywhere is no exception to this rule. You should definitely check CEX's recent release on tigerbeat6. Listen to a selection of 3 tracks from his LP - Bataille Royale (a reference to the cult Japanese movie?)released in August this year.

CEX-Bataille Royale (three tracks from the new LP!) by Tigerbeat6

Hardcore, UK rave innovator Michael Forshaw shows no mercy in his remix of Hello Serotonin, My Old Friend, whereas Eats Tapes goes into a very different direction with the same track creating a dense, spooky minimal techno joint full of delays and echoes. But the real damage comes next.  dDamage attacks Baltimorrow's Parties with full frontal force of industrial aesthetics and heavily distorted guitar riffs. I agree 100% with tigerbeat's press kit, this shit really reminds me of Ministry's best releases from "Land of Rape and Honey" era. (actually a few months ago I saw Ministry playing a gig in Warsaw - sadly, not much was left of the power of Al Juergensen and co., they seemed to me just another, mediocre thrash metal band). Anyway, dDamage track is definitely one of the highlights of this release. In Gratuitous Baltimore Birthday Jam Kid606 shows yet a different funky and smiley face marrying glitchy hip-hop rapping with oldschool, silly rave beats. Not for all tastes but I wish someone played such a music at my forthcoming birthday :) This extensive release winds up with a twisted R'n'B (?) tune, which in my opinion does not fit the previous tracks at all and is definitely the weakest offering on this very solid EP.      

Two tracks as a free teaser downloads:

Kid606 - Under Everywhere (Cex Remix)

Kid606 - Another One Bites the Dubstep