22 December 2009

Stephan Jacobs

Good people from Muti Music sent me a few tracks and remixes by LA's Stephan Jacobs. Pure fire most of them! I've never heard about him, though he is no rookie in the business. According to his bio he has been DJ'ing and rocking venues from Hollywood to Tel Aviv for the last 8 years, while mixing Dubstep with Minimal and Electro with a serious focus on bass in his music. Which you will hear and appreciate immediately listening to his tracks. In 2006, Stephan Jacobs and Tim Hauser (Ruff Hauser) teamed up to form Kether. They signed to Muti and quite coincidentally (or not) I've just had a chance to listen to their second release "Layer Two". Check it on addictech as it is one of the best releases recently. Full of bass, space and glitchy beats. The combination which really works for me! Stay tuned (if time allows) for a review of Layer Two by Dok Krank here in the near future.

Coming back to Stephan Jacobs solo work, I will start my presentation from the fattest glitch-hop / heavy bass beats I've heard in a while. Pulsating, glitched bassline, deep and fat low frequency with absolutely infectious acapella. The best tracks in the bundle without a doubt. Me likes a lot!

Next in line is Zombie Nation's anthem of Kern Kraft 400 turned into really sick dubstep monster with smashing beats which added like a few tons of weight to the original. Another banger in the pack!

Great original by Stephan Jacobs. Crunky glitch hop with dirty bassline, fantastic riddim and liquid voice sample "Revolution nine-oh-nine". Reminding me of PANTyRAiD stuff.

A beautiful, catchy "After the rain comes sun, after the sun comes rain again" of Underwater Love flowing smoothly to the deep rhythm of fat sub-bass in the background. Interesting.

Dirthy, filthy bassline in a distorted-to-the-max refix by Stephan Jacobs. Definitely not for weak-hearted listeners. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Bone Thugs and Biggie, you know the deal, right man? Wrong!

You are listening to the techno music ... NOT! Daft Punk in a brave ultra heavy bass edit. I LIKE!