03 February 2010

Blunt Instrument - Noise Farming vol. 1 Mid Tempo Breaks

Glitch hop crew of Blunt Instrument, hailing from Australia decided to play a bit with classic tracks treating them with mid-tempo breaks and glitched out beat. Akon, Tom Jones vs. Art of Noise, Bob Marley and Missy Elliot - you can hardly go more diverse in selection of subjects for cruel retweaking :) The duo did quite a good job with their tools, which comes as no surprise if you heard their Blunt EP, one of the best releases last year, production-wise in glitch / mid-tempo department.  I liked Tom Jones' re-fix best, pretty dope synth work there and nu-school breaks would definitely work on any dancefloor. Missy Elliot's Boom Clunk remix is another cool joint in the pack, licking the speakers with properly bass heavy juice. Bob Marley's dubbed out version based on stomping pads and swinging beat moved my legs and head in unison.

Download four tracks from bandcamp (FOR FREE!!!):

What is more, if you don't like Tom Jones or cheesy Akon's vocalizations, you can grab pure instrumentals from their bandcamp site, which I highly recommend.

Preview the tracks on soundcloud:

Tom Jones vs Art of noise - Kiss (Blunt Instrument Ba Whoomp mix) by bluntinstrument

Bob Marley - Exodus (Blunt Instrument Underwhelmed mix) by bluntinstrument

Akon - Smack That (Blunt Instrument Beats for Breaksfast mix) by bluntinstrument