03 February 2010

Soundcloud Harvest pt. 1 - Starkey, NastyNasty, Robot Koch, Mimosa

Starting from a preview of the second single from the forthcoming Starkey's full-length Ear Drums and Black Holes feat. Anneka. The same girl with whom Starkey created the track from a scratch in a fantastic beat building show in Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental (read more here) ... and a remix by Slugabed on top. Can't wait!

Starkey ft. Anneka "Stars" (12", digital single) Preview by starkbot

Then moving to the best track on the not-so-stark Fabric's compilation Elevator Music vol.1, namely Starkey's Black Monolith. I really like the vibe and flow of this beautiful track.

Black Monolith by starkbot

Then changing the mood and dropping some NastyNasty grime dirt:

Dirty Money by NastyNasty

.... and dirty NastyNasty edit. Oh boy...

Loops Haunt - Huarache (NastyNasty edit) by NastyNasty

One more remix from the highly anticipated Robot Koch's remix EP, dreamy and spaced out, a perfect score of the 21st century Twin Peaks series.

Robot Koch - While feat. Manya (Blue Daisy Remix) by robot koch

Fnally, to nicely crown up this set of tracks, Mimosa in search of the higher consciousness.

TheHigherConsciousness by TigranMiMoSA