12 February 2010



[This one is for my bro' who has caught a serious future garage virus recently (wink, wink) ]  

Honestly, I have not expected such a track from EPROM! Heavy digital post-garage trip with great, tight, pulsating bassline and very nice use of vocals; also a kind of mixture of soft Zomby's wonkiness with heavy bass-driven aesthetics typical of EPROM. The final effect is pure fire, I love this track from the first hearing. Grab Never on vinyl with the original and FaltyDL's remix, released by Surefire Sound Records,before this hot stuff solds out. I want the digital copy of this track baaaadly!

EPROM will be big in 2010, I'm positive about this. His release offensive already started, just check his banging, hyphy single Zoning (with Profisee)  fresh of the press or a nice remix of Starkey's OK Luv. At the end of February, a split-EP with Eskmo for Warp, will hit the shelves. EPROM's Hendt has yet another flavor, check the preview on Junodownload. It's great to see artists exploring diverse music fields, especially artists of such skills and potential as EPROM. Now, Mister, it's time for Humanoid.