15 February 2010


Regular readers of my blog know that I'm a big fan of Robot Koch, thus I was really stoked to hear the super fresh mix done for Kwatro, a blog / portal of another, great German beatmaker - fLako.

No tracklist (apparently deliberate - read the mix introduction on Kwatro). But you can hear there low-key remix of The XX - Basic Space (no idea which one, there were so many of them), absolutely wonderful Eskmo's I dream I'm flying, the track I often have on a constant repeat in my car, lots of fantastic sound snippets collected by Robot Koch and all this is crowned with a hot remix of the forthcoming Robot Star Droid Remixed - Gorom Sen in the dancefloor-oriented refix by P.hono with beatiful synths and nicely rolling, pumping beats. The artwork for the mix is equally top-notch. Listen on mixcloud or download.