18 February 2010


Exponential Records, an independent label from San Antonio, Texas, (and home to such artists as AM Architect, Ernest Gonzales or Mexicans with Guns - these at least I recognize). As in the previous year, on the occasion of the forthcoming SXSW Festival they has released an extremely interesting compilation. The entire release can be downloaded for free from their website (though it's only 160kbps). If I'm not mistaken, the record will see a physical release during SXSW 2010 in a proper quality.

The concept of this work was to invite the friends of Exponential Records to create the joint VA compilation. The final result is a very diverse offering from such labels as Exponential, Ninja Tune, Stones Throw, Daly City, Creaked, Innovative Leisure, and Fake Four. You will find there the usual suspects like Mochipet, Lazer Sword, Shlohmo, Robot Koch, Poirier plus great tracks from e.g. Sutekh, Decepticon, Ernest Gonzales, Ghosts on Tape. Out of the tracks I've not heard before two really stand out. First Box Than Walk by a fantastic vocalist Oy from her latest album under the same title is a real powerful bullet, reminding me of the best works of Peaches, but with better electronica in the background. Another discovery is a  dirty, UK urban track by Jammer - a badman grime emcee and producer active on this circuit in UK for a few years already. He has recently signed to Big Dada and this track was taken from his first release there - Party Animal. I'm now anxiously waiting for his full-length which is supposed to drop in May 2010.

All in all, Kodahadacho is the best compilation I had a chance to listen to this year.

1. Diego Bernal - A Long Second
From the album Besides on Exponential
2. Heliocentrics - Sirius B (Remix) ft. Vast Aire
Courtesy of Stones Throw
3. Robot Koch - Soundboy
From the album Aftershocks EP on Robots Don't Sleep
4. Poirier - Enemies ft. Face-T 2
From the album Run the Riddim on Ninja Tune
5. Oy - First Box Then Walk
From the album First Box Then Walk on Creaked
6. LAZER SWORD - Gucci Sweatshirt (LS RMX)
from the album Gucci Sweatshirt on Innovative Leisure
7. Jammer - Party Animal
From the forthcoming album on Big Dada Records Ninja Tune/Big Dada
8. Sutekh - The Glorious Day Has Dawned
from the album On Bach on Creaked
9. Shlohmo - Hot Boxing The Cockpit
from the album Shlomoshun Deluxe on Friends of Friends
10. Aether - Tomorrows Thief
from the forthcoming album on Exponential
11. Sole & The Skyrider Band - Mr. Insurgent
from the album Plastique on Fake Four
12. Deceptikon - Kinyoubi
from the album Mythology of the Metropolis on Daly City Records
13. Day of the Woman - Jennifer Hills
from the forthcoming album D.O.T.W. on Exponential
14. James Pants - Thin Moon
from the album Seven Seals on Stones Throw
15. Ernest Gonzales - Etchasketch Trees (Yppah Remix)
from the album Self Awakening EP on Friends of Friends
16. A.M. Architect - Ad Hoc
from the forthcoming album on Exponential
17. Mochipet - Moog Porn
from the album Baby Godzilla on Daly City Records
18. Mexicans With Gun - Me Gusto (Ghosts on Tape Remix)
from the album Me Gusto EP on Innovative Leisure
19.Cars & Trains - Asleep on a Train
from the album The Roots, The Leaves on Fake Four