25 March 2010

David Starfire - The Psychonaut Spinner Mix

David Starfire, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ from West Coast of US, has published a great, psyche-etno-bass mix on a Reality Sandwich portal or I should rather write, a community of people interested in evolution of conciousness in our hi-tech world. Reality Sandwich, is a child of the Daniel Pinchbeck, the author of great books on psychedelic exploration, e.g. Breaking Open the Head or 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (highly recommended if you have not read them yet!). I visit the site on and off and was very pleased to find there this mix by David Starfire, whose Bollyhood Bass is definitely one of the best releses this year. Great vibe, lots of fantastic remixes and mash-ups of some golden oldies and super fresh tunes. Breath-taking, pulsating bassline meandering through the beautiful vocals and oriental drums. World music, Bhangra, Balkan music mixed with hip-hop beat and heavy bass or dubstep, with a scrap of psychedelia , this is what Doktor Krank really really likes and highly recommends.

David Starfire writes about a history of the name and idea of the mix.......

There was a period of time in San Francisco a few years ago that I would be with a group of friends on psychedelics and wanted to venture out to different places in the city. I would always be the designated driver (also would be referred to as the "trip master") and was the person that would know all the interesting and lesser-known spots of the city. As you can imagine it was always interesting, funny and amazing as my passengers would share their experiences. There was one point when we were driving around and someone said that they felt like they were in a "car space shuttle" instead of a car with wheels. Everyone in the car instantly agreed and said that it felt like they were in a space shuttle car like in Blade Runner (called "spinners") or the infamous "land speeders" of Star Wars. It must of been the perception of moving without feeling the wheels touching the ground and being in a confined space. I would think back about that day and always wanted to make an awesome soundtrack to an awe inspiring journey. So that is what I wanted for this mix, a soundtrack for the psychonauts in their spinners!

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David Starfire - The Psychonaut Spinner Mix (NEW WORKING LINK!!!)


1. Intro-Timothy Leary
2. Shout it Out-David Starfire (Feat. Lynx & Janover)-David Starfire Remix
3. Come Together-Beatles-(David Starfire Remix)
4. Shakti-David Starfire
5. Theres for a Space For Ol Dat I See-M.I.A./Rusko (David Starfire emix)
6. Shimla-David Starfire
7. Get Ur Freak On-Missy Elliott- (Koian Remix)
8. The Beat-David Starfire (Feat. iCatching)
9. Tumbi Blaster-David Starfire
10. As We Enter 2dope-Damian Marley and Nas
11. Adir Adirim-Balkan Beat Box (Nickodemus Remix)
12. Mystic Whomp-David Starfire
13. Gypsy P-Crookers
14. Paradise-Massive Attack (Breakage Remix)
15. Kashmir Punk-Led Zeppelin vs Rusko vs Daft Punk- (David Starfire mega remix)
16. Da Cali Anthem-Rusko
17. Sublow Spazm-Marc Adamo
18. Kids-MGMT (Bukez Finezt Dubstep Bootleg)
19. Is this Love-Bob Marley (Dubstep Logic Remix)
20. Hide and Seek-Imogen Heap (Jason Derulo vs Rusko-David Starfire mashup)