29 March 2010

Let's meeet at the corner of stank and crunk with Love and Light and ProBiotik

I love to come to work on the Monday morning, still half-asleep (btw, who has invented this totally stupid clock changing scheme twice a year ?!?!?)  to be brutally woken up by an almighty sound of super ill crunky bass giving me shivers and bringing a wiiiiiiide smile on my face. One of the best surprises music-wise this year.

I've just received an e-mail from a newcomer to the scene (though his sound is quite mature and developed), ProBiotik, hailing from Reno, Nevada, who shared a few of the tracks done under the moniker of Love and Light, which apparently is a collaboration between ProBiotik and 4Centers. (correct me if I'm wrong) These tracks are the filthiest shit I've heard in a while from mid-tempo whompy department! I really encourage you to check the soundcloud of Love and Light and ask for 320's, while they still last.

A real bomb for starters, Ghosts N Stuff (ProBiotiK's Shievers Down Your Spine Remix), sporting a beautiful violin and voice samples, will definitely smash any dancefloor and irreversibly damage any unprotected speakers.  It has a really epic anthem feel to it and crunky bassline with whompy beat hit me so hard I resigned from my morning-fresh Red Bull. One of the best tracks I've heard this year. Reminding me a bit of Knight Riderz dope skitz.

Ghosts N Stuff (ProBiotiK's Shivers Down Your Spine Remix) by Love and Light

More crunky shit with heavy, wobbley bassline and sick beat, plus fantastic Beastie Boys' sample (I'm a real sucker for BB's stuff!). If this track does not work for you - please refrain from reading my blog right now, our tastes are too discrepant :)

The Corner of Stank and Crunk by Love and Light

Finally, a famous statement by Ronald Reagan: "Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem" turned into super heavy crunky roller. Check more dope sound on Love and Light soundcloud.

The Solution is... (feat. Ronald Reagan) by Love and Light