21 March 2010



1. Rebirth Dub
2.The Inside
3. Sumptin
4. The Inside (+verb remix)
5. The Inside (Plus 2 Hyperglitch)

 Tons of good music flying from every direction recently and I barely manage to post 1/10th on my blog due to serious time constraints, work overload, kids caring and hundreds of other distractions :) However, some stuff simply needs to be mentioned at least in passing. New EP by De Novo Creation, a homie from GlitchHop Forum hailing from Bloomington (US), should definitely be saved from  a pitiless void on my hard drive, external drives or pendrives, where more and more music lands :(  

The Inside EP includes 3 original tracks and 2 great remixes. Don't sleep on this free release. It's crunky and glitchy, but much less whompy than one usually associates with this type of productions. Echoes, delays, spacey melodies, sick, twisted and convoluted bass and unsettling synths dominate the sonic landscape of De Novo Creation's progeny.  Rebirth dub based on repetitious beat, and industrial 'ferrous' bassline is a seriously crunked out starter  to the main treat and a course of two desserts.The title track, The Inside is a slowly burning stepper with sick, wobbley drops and uplifting synths in a kind of mixture of Heyoka's tribal gathering and PANTyRAiD's talking bassline. When I first heard this tune I wanted immediately to take my car and drive to some open-air festival. Then I realized I live in Poland and here such an event means shitty pseudo-indie rock bands, long-forgotten electronic oldies like Prodigy (totally weak show last year) or - God have mercy - repetitious and boooooooooooring DnB.
EP develops to reach the full maturity in the most advanced and tightest presentation of De Novo Creation's style, namely Sumptin. Soft and powerful with great orchestration and numerous sound layers (siren wails!!), the track which will draw your attention immediately, guaranteed.

Sumptin by De Novo Creation

Then come remixes. Verb + adds more electricity to The Inside, stomping like crazy with metalic yah-yah wobble. Serious treatment, I like!! Plus 2 indeed 'hyperglitched' the title track, upping up tempo and embedding some serious distortions, sick kicks, pads and lazers along the way. The whole thing vibrates in a super funky flavor, definitely a track to be rinsed by DJ's! Another great stuff I've heard recently from Plus 2 - this cat is on the rise :) For me - highlight of the entire pack. 

De Novo Creation will soon drop a remix of the Skwee track This thing is on by Stickem - one of the first Skwee producers and promoters in USA. Watch out for this!