19 March 2010



I have been waiting for this eagerly since last week  when I've learnt that my favorite psych-disco blap hop combo of Lando Kal and Low Limit a.k.a. Lazer Sword is going to drop a new propa mix in Fact Mix series. Already 20 minutes into their work my neck and shoulders hurt like hell and I realized I push the keys on my laptop in unison with the sick rhythm of grimey electro funk out skunky lazer shit - the sequence of Terror Danjah-Gucci Mane-DVA-Slugabed tracks in the middle is f...g insane!! LL and LK break your expectations of what comes next each time, twisting the beat, moving with ease between r'n'b vocals and dirty drops and kicks, electro whomp and oldschool grime or hip-hop anthems, mixing all the shit in a kind of electro cauldron. This time they serve even more eclectic music, including nice joints from their homies  like Mr. Dibiase, Zackey Force Funk (check a joint y ZFF with a Polish producer PiotruĊ› Pan here), Machine Drum through heavy weight hip-hop to, well ... enought of that - just LISTEN. Definitely one of the best mixes this year!!!!

Quite surprisingly the mix includes only a two or three tracks by the boys themselves, they rather prefer to show their fantastic selector skills than promote their own music. Anyawy, anyone intending to rinse Lazer Sword's own stuff should definitely cop their super hot EP The Golden Handshake, recently released on the new Glasgow-based uber-label NUMBERS. 3D Action Jackson by Lando Kal or Where You Been 7.5 by Low Limit are simply THE SHIT (sorry for the repetitions but as you know I had quite an insane week at work and still have not recovered from my then-robot self). Expect a proper review of this EP on my blog soonish.

The Golden Handshake EP (vinyl) 

The Golden Handsahke EP (digital)

1. Roger Troutman ”Superman”
2. Krystal Klear ”Throw It Away”
3. Inner City ”Big Fun (Lando Kal Remix)”
4. Ghosts On Tape ”Midnight Moves”
5. Zackey Force Funk ”The Split”
6. Lazer Sword ”Shot In The Nite”
7. Machinedrum ”SXLND (Demo)”
8. Maniac ”G.R.I.M.E.”
9. Rebound X ”Rhythm N’ Gash”
10. Terror Danjah ”Haunted”
11. Gucci Mane ”Stupid Wild (ft. Lil Wayne, Cam’ron)”
12. DVA ”Keep Up (4X4 VIP Mix)”
13. Slugabed ”Ultra Heat Treated”
14. Fantastic Mr. Fox ”Brandy Remix”
15. Crookers ”No Security (Rustie Remix Instrumental)”
16. Soulja Boy “All Black Everything”
17. Lone “Waves Imagination”
18. Low Limit “Trapperkeeper”
19. Salva “Wake Ups (Edit)”
20. Mr. Dibiase “Spacely Sprocketts”
21. Letherette “Track 9″
22. Javelin “Leonard pt 6″
23. E-40 “Show Me What You Working Wit ft. Too Short”
24. Bernard Fevre “Dali”