03 March 2010

Electro dubstep tunage: Stephan Jacobs, Jeuce, Tambour Battant, Schlachthofbronx


Stephan Jacobs from LA in a great crunky dubstep treatment of Benny Benassi's Love is Gonna Save Us. I really dig the way this guy handles the bassline in his tracks, and the modulated vocal in this one is also first rate!

Crookers release their new single 'Remedy' today (March 3rd)! Jeuce crew from UK has just released (with Southern Fried Records seal of approval) an ass-kicking remix of Crookers track. Grab this tune as it includes properly heavy bass and some serious drops to crash the dancefloors or sound systems around you. Jeuce are a live electro/dubstep act based in Leeds, built up of four members. They are now also one part of the freshly launched Get Hype Collective; a collaboration of like-minded Acts, DJ’s, Designers and Promoters.You better memorize this name as I expect some bombs dropped by them in the nearest future. The new single 'Flavour' by Jeuce will be released in April, with remixes from Kidda, Bare Noize, Kanji kinetic, Audiofun and more. Can't wait.

Missill-Chuppa(Tambour battant remix) 320 by tambour battant

Tambour Battant duo from France remixing Missil on her Chuppa EP. Some time ago, I used to listen a lot to Missil, thus I'm really stoked to hear this release. The EP comes with a bunch of remixes covering a pretty broad music spectrum to fade any dancefloor. Apart from the fast-rolling dubstep stomper by Tambour Battant, there is a fidget/kuduro version from manaia; the more clubby delivery from stereoheroes and mustard pimp, ghetto booty shit from kaptain cadillac (!!!!) or the tropical minimal version from edu-k. Grab the 12" picture disc on Juno.


Finally, my favorite air-horn carnival butchers from Munich - Schlachthofbronx has just dropped their Ayoba Remix EP and Man Recordings offers a free track for your listening pleasure. Don't hesitate! The absolutely smashing dubstep bassline of the Finnish producer - Top Billin with Spoek vs. Gnucci Banana doing the ranting = instant dancefloor anthem. One of the best tracks I've heard recently! Check the entire EP on Junodownload. GO BOYS GO. GIMMEE MORE!

Bonus: Original mix of Ayoba by Schlachthofbronx.