08 March 2010


This is exactly what I call 'great Monday morning news'. Thanks to my fellow blogger from Boombox I've just learnt about a new, amazing project called ESKAMON that is the  collaboration between Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune) and Eskmo (Warp, Planet Mu). They are about (April 5th, 2010) to release their first single "Fine Objects'  on Eskmo’s own imprint “Ancestor.”

I am so stoked cause for me Amon Tobin has been one of the best producers on electronic music scene (regardless of the genre) for nearly 15 years already, and is one of the brightest examples of an artist who tries to push the envelope again and again. Just listen to Two Fingers stuff for instance. Now he joins the force with one of my favorite young producers from SF, which can promise only mind-blowing stuff. A short snippet on the Ancestor's site proves this already. The music described as "the result of the pair’s unique take on sonic exploration and the manipulation of field recordings" reminds me a bit of the experimental stuff produced by crazy Loops Haunt, Slugabed or Fulgeance, in particular as regards the sick drum sequences and twisted bassline. I keep my fingers crossed for the final outcome, but I am positive this will be a huuuuge release.