05 March 2010


Yeah!! Finally, we have our own, Polish Glitch-Hop Forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go people, check the site. Don't miss the fresh blood coming from this part of Europe. Get involved, advertise your skills, let us hear you blah blah blah. I hope the scene will thrive, which will translate into glitch-hop quality productions made in Poland (actually, more news in this topic very soon!) and more bookings of my favorite artists representing the future of electronic music.

The term "glitch-hop" of course should not be read directly as a final and closed definition of 'mid-tempo hip-hop beat with distorted, heavy bass and acapellas', but rather as a tentative name which somehow stuck and is now wide-spread (relatively at least). It is rather directed outwards to encompass various music styles sometimes also referred to as: acquacrunk, turbo crunk, lazer bass, future blap, future beatz, street bass, heavy bass, wonky, hyphy, psyphy, usually falling within the broader categories of IDM, EDM and recently, quite often flirting with dubstep", said Professor Krank (in his academic verbal diarrhea mode).

Whatever, f**k the definitions. Glitch Hop is simply trigger-happy sound that on one hand makes my ass jump and my body twist like crazy on the dancefloor and on the other ensures a lot of awe-inspiring moments when listening to music at work with my headphones on.