05 March 2010


Oh boy, what a great way to start this snowy and cold Friday. Two of my favorite producers at the moment, i.e. Starkey and Slugabed will ease my corpo drudgery with absolutely fantastic music.

In a matter of days, the Starkey's new EP - Stars will drop on Planet Mu. The EP featuring a mesmerizing vocal of Anneka, includes the remixes by heavy-weight music champions like Slugabed, Raffertie or Ital Tek. On this occasion Starkey not only did a mix for NME but also released one remix for free download. And the remix by SLUGABED it is !!!! Yippie. It's a work of ART. Words are superflous, let the music speak:

But the main treat of the sonic orgy comes with the Starkey's NME RADAR MIX. Without a doubt this is the best mix I had a chance to hear this year. It is worth downloading just for EPROM's Humanoid VIP alone, ha ha. But seriously, the tracklist is just dripping street bass heaviness all over my ears, including presentation of the Starkey's music from the Stars EP and forth-coming full-length.  E.g. Capsule  has a f...g fantastic bassline and great synth while Spacecraft is simply an all-encompasing heavy bass orgy!  A few dubs from his extensive music buddies are as usual top-notch, like DNAEBeats and NastyNasty collab of lovely title Aqua Bubble Hash. This mix is tight as hell and I not only recommend it, I DEMAND you listened to it! Such a good start to this day, I wish Fact Magazine released already the next instalment in the FACT Mix series - this time by none other than electro future blap crunky warriors of Lazer Sword!!

01 - Starkey ft. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle "Club Games" (planet mu)
02 - Starkey "OK Luv" (planet mu)
03 - Starkey "Millennia" (planet mu)
04 - Tayo meets Acid Rockers ft. Pupajim "Vampayaa (Starkey remix)" (cool & deadly)
05 - Swindle "Airmiles" (planet mu)
06 - Grems ft. Foreign Beggars "Brokabilly" (dub)
07 - Mensah "Pulse 80's" (hench)
08 - Kingdom "DPM / Juke Ya Girl Remix (Extended)" (dub)
09 - Starkey "Capsule" (planet mu)
10 - Numan "Skull Crusher (Bombaman remix)" (slit jockey)
11 - DNAEBEATS ft. NastyNasty "Aqua Bubble Hash" (seclusiasis)
12 - Rudi Zygadlo "Resealable Friendship (Slugabed's Special Friends Deepest Holes remix)" (planet mu)
13 - EPROM "Humanoid VIP" (dub)
14 - Starkey "Spacecraft" (planet mu)
15 - Kaiser "Lost in an Analogue Dream" (slit jockey)
16 - 8Bitch "G41" (slit jockey)
17 - Starkey ft. Anneka "Stars" (planet mu)