03 July 2010

Glitch Mob - xlr8r podcast / edIT - Pound 4 Pound

The Glitch Mob in double feature. The boys have a short break from their big tour and decided to release some goodies via the Internet.

First, the track by edIT - Pound 4 Pound, which was originally featured in The Glitch Mob’s Low End Theory podcast - now available as a free download through TheGlitchMob.com. A heavy treat, with some hard-hitting synths in a kind of cross between the "old" edIT and the new The Glitch Mob turned live band :)

On the same day The Glitch Mob released their xlr8r podcast. Boreta, Ooah and edIT offer a super eclectic selection of fantastic exercises in post-hip hop beatmaking, with great vocalists doing their job to the rhythm of distorted, glitchy bass. The voyage ranging from the muzak of Jamie Lidell, The Dead Weather, Yeasayer or Ratatat (one of the best albums this year in Doktor Krank's ranking - highly recommended!) through the likes of Alex B and the knight of the dark side Lorn (the artist of the year for me!) to the champions of warped, ultra glitched sound, i.e. Eskmo in his fantastic remix of Bibio's track and Eprom exploring more and more experimental regions of music spectrum in mind-boggling Whyyyyyyyy? Honestly, I can't get enough of the stuff produced by Eprom atm. The good news is he will hit Europe in September!.The bad news is he does not (yet) have a gig booked in Poland. PROMOTERS - don't sleep on him, grab the man before it is too late.

All in all, don't expect dancefloor mayhem, heavy bass, sick drops and  breakdowns like in the old days of the Glitch Mob, but if you are into Music with capital 'M' this podcast is a must!     

01 Harold Faltermeyer "Top Gun Anthem (Edit)"
02 Health "Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)" (Lovepump United)
03 Bear In Heaven "Deafening Love (Deru Remix)" (Hometapes)
04 Free The Robots "Turkish Voodoo" (Alpha Pup)
05 Jamie Lidell "Completely Exposed" (Warp)
06 The Very Best "Julia" (Green Owl)
07 Ratatat "Bilar" (XL)
08 Aesop Rock "Big Bang" (Mush)
09 Yeasayer "The Children" (Secretly Canadian)
10 Lorn "Cherry Moon" (Brainfeeder)
11 Janelle Monae "Neon Gumbo" (Bad Boy)
12 Autechre "known(1)" (Warp)
13 Matty G "My 808" (Dub Police)
14 The Dead Weather "Blue Blood Blues" (Third Man)
15 Bibio "Dwrcan (Eskmo Remix)" (Warp)
16 EPROM "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
17 School of Seven Bells "iamundernodisguise" (Ghostly)
18 Alex B "Talk it Out" (Elm and Oak)
19 Yacht "So Post All 'Em (Ooah edit)" (Marriage)
20 Warpaint "Billie Holliday" (Manimal Vinyl)