22 July 2010

Naive Machine - Sept I Share & Cement Mix

I love to receive surprisingly good tracks from the labels and people I've never heard of. Naive Machine has just won the title of the Dr.Krank's Surprise Artist of the Month (at least).

Hit and Hope Records is a new label hailing from UK. They've sent me two tunes by Naive Machine, a Brighton Hip Hop producer who has recently switched to more electro-driven sound. With absolutely amazing results!! 8-bit squashed dubby twisted mutant funk of top quality. Just listen to the tracks below, real beauty. What a great timing, I am still enchanted by the Emotional Colors by Swede:art, I am a huge fan of Slugabed or Pixelord to name a few champions of this sound, and now I receive something similar and I can't sit on my ass in front of my laptop, my entire body responds to this sound with head-nodding, jerking and tweaking. I write down the label and the artist in my memo for permanent updates. This is the sound of the future in the electronic music. Mark my werd!  

Naive Machine - Sept I Share (free download)

Naive Machine has also released a single Cement Mix. Listen to the preview below:

Naive Machine - Cement Mix (clip, out July 19th) by Hit and Hope

... and buy the release (including Jump Luigi on the flip side) from iTunes or Amazon.

I really can't wait to hear more stuff from Naive Machine!