21 July 2010

Vermin Street's Birthday Mix and + Verb - Why U So Gangstah

Vermin Street, one of the finest labels rocking Boston's electronic underground, which has already gained a horde of supporters throughout the worldwide heavy bass / glitch hop / experimental electronica community - - is celebrating its first birthday today (21 July 2010). I know, that nowadays it is super hard to follow all these labels and collectives releasing music over the Internet, and you can very easily be overwhelmed by the mediocrity, but trust me, Vermin Street delivers good, solid and quite diverse quality. Just check their two recent releases - Nintendont EP by Misk, with astounding remix by NastyNasty or Vermin VS Noah23 EP, with super ill glitch hop anthem by Mochipet in Epic SynthHop Mix. They were one of the first labels to release tracks by one of my top-5 producers atm on the distorted, heavy bass front, namely NastyNasty, which definitely helped to arouse my initial interest. Vermin Street claims to be on the forefront of releasing little known artists who are soon to blow up. Next to NastyNasty, Misk is definitely a producer which perfectly fits this definition. He first came to my attention in one of the best debuts of 2009 - Saturation and with Nintendont he has just proved to be a high-caliber player. 

Another hot name to follow the tracks of the two aforementioned artists is definitely +Verb (check my post for his Slappity Blappity no. 6 mix). I have observed his music developement for some time and I am really impressed with the impecabble production quality of the tracks he has been releasing in the last few months. As a part of the birthday promo Vermin Street released  +Verb's Why U So Gangstah (check other tracks in the pack on the label's soundcloud). Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet +Verb, the glitch hop gangsta no. 1 :)

  +Verb - Why U So Gangstah by verminstreet

You should definitely check other artists from the Vermin Street roster, like Vinyl Blight and Zebbler Encanti Experience, to get a full picture of the label which relies not only on whomp and stomp power bombs, but has much more to offer.  Apart from releases, Vermin Street has rapidly become known for events which feature more than just the typical DJ + club scenario. Rocking custom-made deco, art installations and multi-media experiences, the label works hard to show off the rich and diverse talents of its community -and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Vermin Street brought a small fortune of the most inventive and explosive artists to Boston (many for their first time) including: Shpongle, Liquid Stranger; DFRNT; NastyNasty; Mochipet; Somatic Responses; Sickboy and Droon.

To celebrate 52 Events and 23 Releases (Heil Eris!) Vinyl Street offers to all the listeners a really sick and uncompromising Birthday Mix by Vinyl Blight featuring released, unreleased and forthcoming stuff from Vinyl Street's gunmen. One of the most eclectic and diverse mixes I've heard in a while. Highly recommended!  

Bday-ExclusiMix by verminstreet
1. NoraJean - Jie (dub)
2. Computo - The Doppleganger (Vermin Street)
3. Misk - Turbulence (forthcoming Vermin Street)
4. The Spit Brothers - No Curfew (6Blocc Remix, forthcoming Dubs Alive)
5. Kush Arora ft Bongo Chilli - Wine Mek Me See You Remix (Forthcoming Kush Arora Productions)
6. Computo - Banana Tits (forthcoming Vermin Street)
7. Encanti - Together (free download)
8. NastyNasty - Turf War (forthcoming Vermin Street)
9. Jahcoozi - Barefoot Dub (Vinyl Blight's Hot Coals Mix)
10. Smokey and Casper - Crisp Crisp (forthcoming Vermin Street)
11. +Verb - Puddlegum (forthcoming Vermin Street)
12. Smokey and Casper - Red Pop (forthcoming Vermin Street)
13. DJ Flack - Enemy Beats (dub)
14. Stickem - Treckies (dub)
15. Mochipet - Vermin Bass Stacks (Vinyl Blight Mix, Daly City Records)
16. Vinyl Blight ft Bongo Chilli - Mission (forthcoming Vermin Street)
17. Vinyl Blight - Dirty Conscience Dub (dub)
18. +Verb - Why U Gangsta (Vermin Street)
19. Misk - Blast Processing (forthcoming Vermin Street)
20. Vinyl Blight ft Noah23 - Blackstone (Mochipet's Epic SynthHop Mix, Vermin Street)
21. Kush Arora ft Bongo Chilli - The Truth (Vinyl Blight Mix, forthcoming Kush Arora Productions)
22. Vinyl Blight - Metal Riddim (dub)