07 September 2010

Dance like it's 2999 - Apotheist, Liar, Mochipet

More spacey music today. This time coming from a very interesting project 2999 by a netlabel Peppermill Records from British Columbia. The authors asked the producers to soundtrack the end of the 30th century trying to envision what it might be or what they'd wish for humanity. Well, though the premises sound a bit bombastic the final results, that is a collaboration between audio and graphic arts, are really good! Dance (or rather fly in the sky) like it's 2999, indeed :) Every week on their site appears a new track along with its visual interpretation. I intend to check this site regularly, as the contributing artists will include such champions as slugabed, robot koch, raffertie, kid606, the widdler, taal mala, kanji kinetic and tons more.

Out of the already posted tracks (incl. Mochipet, DNTEL, Max Echo) the latast one - Steel God Creation by Apotheist from Vienna, Austria has simply torn me into pieces and made my mind fly really high!!

Apotheist - Steel God Creation by The Peppermill

Another tune definitely worth checking on Peppermill site is Upghostery by a Romanian producer Liar. Fat, extravagant trip!

Liar-Upghostery by The Peppermill

And finally Mochipet's contribution Petdestroyer with amazing graphic art:

Mochipet-Petdestroyer by The Peppermill