16 September 2010

Paul Pre - 78BPM Madness (perf10.net mix series)

I've shamelessly nicked the great mix from perf10.net, it is a 14th installment in their great mix series (previously featuring e.g. + verb, pixelord, DZA, Coco Bryce), this time hosted by a German beatmaker known for his crazy beat mixtapes, Paul Pre. 78BPM Madness is way too good not to be shared. Just look at the tracklist, every single artist there is a genius of future electronic sound production, but it is the selector that put all these anthems together into one super electric collage of champion mutant beatz. One of the best mixes I've heard this year! Copy that shit and swag your head haaaaaaard, but please take care not to hit your office / home equipment, this could be detrimental to you health :)

Paul Pre - 78BPM Madness (Direct Download)

01. Shlohmo – Spoons
02. Lil Wayne – I feel like dying (Flying Lotuns remix)
03. Dizz1 – Frazzled
04. Tiago – Babel Fish
05. Hudson Mohawke – ZooOooOoom
06. Robot Koch – Vortex Cookies (fLako remix)
07. Lazersword – Gucci Sweatshirt
08. Machine Drum – Saktak
09. Low Limit – Trapperkeeper
10. Salva – Wake Ups