20 October 2010

In Bass I Trust (with occasional neons)

I'm back to reality after a super duper cool off-site drinking / swimming / sightseeing week at Tenerife and La Gomera. Reality sucks, but at least tons of great music awaited me after returning to cold Poland.

Let's start from a new collaboration between two super talented producers from USofA Stephan Jacobs and + Verb whose tracks have been featured on my blog regularly. Super distorted bassline and superb synth work = quality. Want more :)

Stephan Jacobs & +Verb - Blind Dreams (Unreleased) by Stephan Jacobs

And here is a short promo mix of the most eagerly anticipated release this year - Lazer Sword LP dropping on November, 2.

Holy Flying Spaghetti Monsters from Hell, these guys are on a completely different level already. Can't wait! (Dolphins sample rulez!!!!)


I'm a big fan of Stereoheroes who are unrivaled creators of sick bangers. Listen to their flirt with dubstep and heavy bass :)) Me likes a lot!

A word from them: The Lost Generation is what remains of a computer crash while StereoHeroes were last touring the USA. Originally meant to be a hip hop EP with some high level MCs from France, all they could save is two wav files. Effigy & Pixie, two Hip-Hop / Dubstep tracks, will never change or evolve, but here it is for you. ALL THE MCs OUT THERE SEND US YOUR VOCAL VERSION OF THE TRACK !!

StereoHeroes - The Lost Generation EP by stereoheroes

Uber-label Numbers introduces heavy-weight Purple_Neon_Light_Bringer from Scotland - Taz Buckfaster in an absolutely smashing EP - Gold Tooth Grin. Robogrime is the best riddim I've heard in a while. Sooo sick! And at the same time a great name to describe the type of music produced by Taz. Numbers 33rd release will hit the jackpot again (Nov, 15).

Taz - Gold Tooth Grin (Previews of NMBRS3 Numbers) by Numbers

On 21st October, VibeSquaD will release a new full length album - The Fire. Judging by the first single - Funk Wear - which you can grab for free from bandcamp below - this record will be even better than the previous ones which I liked a lot!

VibeSquaD - The Fire (via bandcamp)