08 October 2010

Glitch.FM Station ID-Contest

Glitch.fm, the best glitch hop / mutant bass station in the Internet is on the hunt to add some cool new Station IDs to Glitch.FM's archive system. To encourage the creative output from the listeners, they decided to make a competition out of it with some WICKED prizes to boot!

Dear bedroom / boardroom / ballroom / stadium DJ's and producers that's a great opportunity for you to contribute your skills for the extremely good cause of spreading heavy-bass vibe across the planet, while earning some nice prizes and boosting YOUR ego afterwards when hearing your Station ID's being played on air many times a day :) 

Read carefully all the details below and GET TO WORK!!

"What's a station ID? It's one of those short audio snippets, which radio stations play every-so-often that say something to the effect of "You're listening to Glitch.FM"

On to the prizes!

Grandprize Winner: A fresh copy of Reaktor 5, courtesy of the prolific music tech blogger Binary Ally, a choice of an item from our spreadshirt store, some Glitch.FM stickers, a GlitchHopForum.com t-shirt, and GlitchHopForum.com stickers!

1st Runner-up: A free item of choice from our spreadshirt store, glitch.fm stickers, a GlitchHopForum.com t-shirt, andGlitchHopForum.com stickers!

2nd Runner-up: Glitch.FM and GlitchHopForum.com STICKERS!

... and introducing your supreme panel of judges! We have:

Mochipet (Daly City Records) - producer & performer extraordinaire -
Ana Sia (Muti Music Daly City Records) - producer & performer extraordinaire 
mymanhenri - Mini blog writer/editor for 92bpm, curator, bon vivant -
Binary Ally - Music Production Blogger Mastermind -
Great Scott (Muti Music, Scarcity Records Olaris Records) - producer, performer, and Glitch.FM founder

IDs will be judged by the following criteria:

- Originality

- Technical-Skills (how much effort / detail work / etc)

- Clarity of the ID (could be obfuscated too much)

- Length of ID (could be too long or too short)


- Anyone of any age who is not a judge may enter

- Entries must be posted on soundcloud

- To submit an entry, fill out the following: FORM

- Limit 1 entry per individual

- Entries are due by October 15th, 2010, 11:59pm US Central Time

- Winners will be announced at a TBD date, but before December 1st, 2010