06 October 2010

Made in Poland: Kosmos vol. 29 vs. glitch-hop.pl podcast vol. 1 - Lakritze

Kosmos is the radio show hosted by Maceo Wyro in Radio Roxy.  You may remember a great show from two weeks ago posted on my blog. And you know what - vol.29 is even better! It offers absolutely top-notch selection of future mutant beatz, heavy bass, hip hop, funky, you-name-it head-nodding shit. Lazer Sword, NastyNasty, Slugabed, or absolutely mind-boggling Lorn's remix of Eskmo's Come Back (to be released on Ninja Tune soon) accompanied by other talented beatmakers like e.g. Kidkanevil, Daisuke Tanabe, Kenlo Craqnuques, Jneiro Jarel (!!!!), Bilal or Flako with a strong representation of more 'canonical' hip hop and a few interesting newcomers (RAD from Russia!!) again proves Kosmos to be the best radio show for new beat / hip hop / mutant music in Poland. And the real fucking, banging highlight of vol. 29 is Blast That by Nottz (f. Black Milk). I'm not an expert in hip-hop as such, but this tune really blasted me with its sheer raw power! Can't wait for Nottz album droping already in October.

KOSMOS 2010 VOL.29 (special web edition) by KosmoS

A recently established Polish glitch-hop.pl forum started the podcast series. Vol. 1 was cooked by a Berlin-based producer Lakritze representing Robox Neotech label (releasing  music by e.g. Stagga, Doshy, Monky, NastyNasty). Podcast is a 'mixture of errrorgenous fluoro-neoneonic-synth beats and gangsta wonky style' I couldn't write it better ha ha ha. The tracklist includes forthcoming releases on Robox Neotech from Lakritze by him self and few other fresh dopness like Halp, Demokracy, Heyoka or Splatinum. Banging mix !!

Glitch-Hop.pl Podcast #01 by Lakritze by lakritze