21 November 2010

+verb - Please & U Nome

From collaborations with Pixelord or Stephan Jacobs, through Car Crash Set and Mambo records releases (with new stuff coming soon on Vermin Street and Muti, plus Starkey's remix on Civil Music), this guy is simply unstoppable.Since the first time I've heard his music, +verb has been continuously delivering better and better tunes and his production progression curve is pretty steep and probably still far from its peak. If you are looking for smashing synths and deep groovey basslines, you will love the vibe of the latests offerings from Arizona :) Please has button work reminding me of a 21st century organist squeezing all the juice from his instrument in a possessed and maniac way. The synths are sooooooooooo mighty and huuuge! I'm a real sucker for this type of sound. Please is DA TUNE!

Please by +verb

Another heavy, glitchy bomb with sick sub-bass by +verb you can download for free!! He he listen to these synths. Again, +verb delivers bravely and right on target!

+verb - U Nome