11 December 2010

Montek's Party Report - Deadboy, Toy Selectah @ Twisted Pepper, Dublin

See yourself re-transmission.

Bounce everybody!

Dublin did it! Let's reverse the entertainment, starting from the Oscar winning Cumbia hedgehog! Aren't you somfin'?

Night ended up squirky, everybody was internally touched by Nicaraguan bass, beat and/or inferno Latino counter strike. Yet again it was a place to be! Me senses are sane; bejeweled!

When the time comes to an end there are no subtitles, ambient theme songs, there's just pressure to be different, kooler, smoother, tighter, funkier, simply from ouuuuta space. Zee lights are on! Knock, knock! Who's there? It's Toy Hern├índez! (Keep an eye on the third-party fellow showing root square of x!?).

But hey, parry is starting, all the smiley faces a bit drugged, drunked to the MUD still juggling like they should, let's roll, let's swing to the oriental rhythm. Be curious, uptight, eased, plural if you've taken your alter ego(s) down there, celebrate, like there's no other way! No FFWD's...

Up to the way we like, untold, unfinished, crazee, waving to start/stop the madness. Let's roll our pancake makers! By appointment you can even get a nice warm fingery experience by me matey CD Fingah', like everybody should. Feel it! http://www.amazon.co.uk/feengy_thingy_underwear

How mad is that? That's were I am myself losing some kcal's. Still, what's happening in the sewer? Deadboy's killed the basement. It is locked, fallen now. Barman's up on the overground scene, disjointed with his beloved pint distributors, movin', shakin', whaaaaaat's happening? I'm not heading there, tried once, nothing special...

Yes, rumors are true, "-1" is closed, [NUMBERS] have become outnumbered. Seriously, what happened there? Flooding? Fo' sho' not by peeps, it's Friday, whoa up? On other leg everybody has moved here, waaaaaay better, it's full now, no need to split your precious time between levels, level up with it, here, cause who's on the buttons? Toy is!

Look who's crawled back from the sewerside, it's Deadboy! Sound & werd mate, nice und slick bassline/gerritch! That's how you make us dance. No walls falling, no queues to the toilet. Checked.

Before that there was even something deep, Deadboy's not pestering, he's keeping up the flow. Well it's a mix, so change is the right thing to maintain. Smooth, clean like a breath. Gud Jab Dood! Mixmaister Mike has nothing to say.

At the beginning, let's not forget about the architects. Peace, Luv, Unity & Respect to the Dublin Crew, they went G.I.B., check out plandering 2'00".

Afterwards they paid me for the pints I gave them, we walked to the DaDa Restaurant for the Christmas Dinner 2010, next they put some money into my friend's account, then we filled our plates, walked, bused, Rathmines. It's Saturday. Sunday's Friday!

Increase the peace by decreasing your outcome or income if you wish. it's the same thing. Or is it?

Big Up Subz! Montek.

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