06 February 2011

Sector 7g - 2010 Bleep Mix

2010 was absolutely awesome music-wise. Heavy bass, wonky, mutant future beatz and every f..g genre squeezed in between erupted into eclectic and very fresh neon frenzy which many times left my jaw opened low low low. Just check this fantastic mix by Sector 7g hailing from Athens, Ohio, to catch the great vibe of past year in a super tight selection including 99% of my favorite artistis. We have nearly identical music taste Mr. Sector 7g! West Coast - eg. Teebs, Nosaj Thing, Jon Wayne, Lorn, Gaslamp Killer, Gonjasufi meets thriving UK scene represented by - e.g. Slugabed, Loops Haunt, Redinho or Rudi Zygadlo and Continential Europe champions of synthetic improvisations , like Demokracy, Robot Koch, Doshy, DZA or Slow Hand Mothem. Plus Tokimonsta, Dimlite, Letherette, Shigeto and tons of other big names. This is a hit parade. Don't sleep on this mix. A super concise look at the best (if niche) music world of 2010.