03 March 2011

EPROM - Pipe Dream EP (RWINA415)

Ultra Heavy Bass Champion - Eprom will drop in April another super bombastic and stomping release on RWINA, following his mighty Humanoid EP (Humanoid is still one of my top heavy bass anthems of all times). Pipe Dream, Chromium Decay, and The Symbiote are a rollercoaster of one-of-a-kind EPROM glitchy basslines rolling through the sonic landscape like a slow, but heavy armed, tank through the modern battlefield methodically clearing the terrain in front of it with mind-twisting stabs of pure digital fiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeee! I also have my favorite roller out of the three killing tracks. The Symbiote with its 21st century, twisted and distorted, robotic organs, could easily become a part of music score of some post-apocalyptic steam-punk thriller. Can't wait for this release. A must for any fan of straight-in-yer-face dancefloor smashers!

Listen to the preview and check the artwork, which is simply amazing!
Eprom - Pipe Dream EP - RWINA415 by rwina_records