18 March 2011

Urban Waves Compilation

I love off-kilter, abstract electronic trips and thanks God I've checked my facebook site, where I found a link to Urban Waves Compilation. I've never heard of Urban Waves and could have missed this gem. I was quite surprised to find so many intereseting tracks there by artists whose names, in large majority, I saw for the first time. 22 producers deliver tons of experimental beatz, chip tune keys, deep groovy loops of sick abstract sounds, twisted synth improvisations, distorted bleeps, quite often with mental head-nodding force (well, my neck hurts). The quality of this compilation is exceptional, cause nearly all these tracks are at least very good, which does not happen so often with this type of beat experiments. The selection has been done very consistently and carefully. My personal highlights include music by: Downstate, Zomb., Lakritze, Vanilla, DAILON, LON, Icenine, SIG and Doshy. Well, let the music speak, I highly recommend you download this beast for free and prepare yoursel for a few surprises.One of the best beat comps I heard this year.

URBAN WAVES COMPILATION (free download via bandcamp)