16 March 2011

Moa Pillar - The Moon And Thunder Dance EP (G5 Music)

Moa Pillar - The Moon And Thunder Dance (G5 Music)

1. The Moon And Thunder Dance
2. Water Lily
3. Haema
4. Flying Low
5. Red In Rainbow
6. Lake Mystery

All music by Feodor Pereverzev
Mastered by Evgeny Schukin
Worldwide digital distribution: Alpha Pup Records

 9 / ***10

Russian beatmakers are unstoppable. They are young, talented and bring their unique sensitivity and 'soul' to the contemporary electronic music. They don't care about fashion and hype which is quite prevalent also in non-mainstram music nowadays (see: future garage or uk funky I am really fed up with at the moment), they simply do their thing. 19-year old (sic!), Feodor Pereverzev from Moscow, a.k.a. Moa Pillar is the prime example of this new wave of fascinating artists from Russia. He has just released a fantastic The Moon and Thunder Dance EP on the new Russian imprint G5 Music (part of the respected Gimme5 community), supported worldwide by the American Alpha Pup Records.

Many of you probably heard Water Lilly - one of the biggest anthems and bangers and one of my personal top tracks of 2010. When I first heard this tune I felt as if someone had slapped me in the face and then pushed me off the cliff. But I did not crash. On the contrary, this was a great flight! The raw power of Moa Pillar's sonic assault instantly increased my interest in music made in Russia tenfold. Though other tracks do not attack the listener with equally brute and beautiful force, this EP proves that Moa Pillar like no other artist can very skilfully combine regional, ethnic soundscape with ultra modern heavy bass & mutant beatz, creating synth-driven compositions, weaving through the listener's mind like good stories told by old shamans at the fireworks in the dark woods. I feel particularly attuned to this feeling of atavistic yearning and archaic undercurrent richly distributed in Moa Pillar's music, as in enchanting Red in Rainbow or Flying Low. Such soulful moments are so sorely missing from the music I hear nowadays, that I cannot remove a big smile from my face. Female vocals in Heama with fantastic, spacey synth improvisations simply turn me on! Lake Mystery starts like a typical oriental, arabic song to suddenly twist into cut-up ethnic chants with lots of beautiful bleeps and bits in the background building up to absolutely mesmerizing trip! As in the case of many artists from Eastern Europe I heard recently I really wonder how come such youngsters are able to produce such a mature music?

For years, I've been a strong adherent of Entheogenic Reformation in oppossition to the Pharmacratic Inquisition we face daily in our fucked up reality and my mind is really satisfied listening to such a beautiful, modern yet archaic and in the end - psychedelic stuff. We all know the stories of Siberian shamans, don't we? This is the music these wizards would definitely incorporate in their ceremonies with ease :))

I am deeply sorry, for my far too-long stream of consciousness, but somehow this music has inspired me to creative (I hope) writing which unfortunately you have been now exposed to... Anyway, check this music and let yourself be attracted to the tribal world of Mr. Moa Pillar:

[G5001] Moa Pillar - The Moon and Thunder Dance EP by G5 Music

For the time being you can grab this EP on iTunes only, which is kinda sad, as I don't use and have no intention of using Steve Jobs' greedy tool. Fortunately, soon this release will appear in other, more user-friendly places in the interweb (Boomkat, Juno etc.).

Apart from great music content, this EP shows more amazing talents, as the artwork by Hargi Csik & Erik Kirtley is the best thing in this department I've seen in months! Simple but extremely effective and emotional, the way I like :)

You better memorize the name of G5 Music, this imprint has more amazing music from Russia in the pipeline. Moa Pillar's is just the beginning, trust my werd!