13 April 2011

Eliot Lipp - Mux Mool and Big Gigantic remixes (Brolab Remix Album)

"Mux and I have worked on plenty of tracks in the past and done a huge tour together. Our styles are similar, but I appreciated how he took this song in a totally different direction"

"I was stoked to collaborate with Big Gigantic. I've been a fan of their music for a couple of years but most of all they're just good dudes. Dom and I finished this remix via video chat just minutes before I sent it to the mastering studio"

On 20 April 2011, Eliot Lipp, a producer hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, will release a free remix album "Brolabs" on Old Tacoma Records. Grab two fantastic remixes by Mux Mool and Big Gigantic. In particular, the Mux Mool's take on "The Outside" is a laidback hazy roller with sick sick neon synths. Highly recommended! Can't wait to hear the entire album! 

Eliot Lipp - The Outside (Mux Mool remix)

Eliot Lipp - Yeah (Big Gigantic remix)