13 April 2011

Previews: Starkey, Jillian Ann, Dj Tameil

I always welcome new stuff by Starkey with great excitement and anticipation. Judging by the preview, his forthcoming "Space Traitor vol. 2" to be released in June on Civil Music will be huuuuuge. Master of heavy miasmatic bass'n'synths squeezes all juices out of his machines. The sound of e.g. "Street Rockers" simply kills and "Bricks ft. Curly Castro" is the best what street bass can offer. The remixes accompanying the originals (Monky, The Elementz, to name my favorite ones) create really explosive package. Excited!

Starkey - Space Traitor Vol. 2 (Preview) by starkey

Jillian Ann from L.A., a DJ, producer, singer & song-writer releases today on Olaris Records a package of three remixes of her spacey and touching "King of Solitude".  You can easily skip techno remix of Royal Sapien, and move to quite nicely rolling and smooth Artette's remix but the real treat awaits in a glitchy breakbeat remix by Great Scott, a producer and notorious head of Glitch.Fm radio. WARNING: I really encourage you listening to this track on a proper soundsystem with good subwoofer, otherwise you won't hear da Bass :)

Jillian Ann - King of Solitude Remixes - Out April 13 2011 on Olaris Records by olaris

And now something completely different - for those of you who are into juke / footwork / ghettotech  shit. 
DJ TAMEIL has just released a 5-track Tek 9 EP on Moveltraxx. This music is pretty simple & 'silly' (not 'stupid' silly but 'goofy' silly if you know what I mean), but I still like it. Good enough to rock some bottoms and force you to make a fool of yourself at the dancefloor.

DJ TAMEIL - TEK 9 EP [MTXLT111] out April 12th by Moveltraxx