05 May 2011

Luisterwaar - Dry/Wet (Saturate Records)

Luc Derks a.k.a. Lusterwaar (Listenwear in English) is a new producer from Heerlen, Netherlands. Saturate Records, which you should remember from great albums by heRobust or Krampfhaft, has just released this mega EP Dry/Wet which you can download on pay-what-you-want basis (no limit) via Saturate Records Bandcamp.

Apparently Luisterwaar, after listening to tons of music while skateboarding, reached the only possible conclusion - 95% of music you hear in the radio, tv, public spaces etc. is pure shiet and crap. He decided to put those remaining scraps of good and inspiring sound together and produce his own music. I must say he has succeeded extroardinarily. 11 tracks are superb exercise in mutant hip-hop beats running on a powerful drum kicks, distorted breaks and heavy sub-bass with great melodies weaving in the background and impeccable synth job all along. Mature compositions and great production skills plus darkish vibe I really dig recently create very attractive package. The more so if one remembers that this is a debut! Finally, kudos for the funniest title I've heard in a while,  Praise the Lord-ah for Having No Job-ah :)), which is by coincidence my personal highlight of this release and which reminds me of Brainfeeder stuff (in particular Lorn). This record made my day. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank. Once again Saturate Records shows good selection. Can't wait for more releases from them.  

STRTEP001 Luisterwaar - Wet/Dry by SATURATERECORDS