08 June 2011

Planet Soap - Escape From Supernova 500 (Car Crash Set)

The Italian duo, Planet Soap returns to Car Crash Set with a new EP Escape From Supernova 500 to be released on June, 21st. The package includes two original tracks and three, quite diverse, remixes.
Supernova500 is an ambitious heavy-bass symphony with lots of distortions and very nice orchestration successfully painting extratterestial sonic landscapes. Escape from Supernova is a more up-tempo thing and I feel like attending a steam-punk party for decommissioned robots...   

My personal highlight of this EP, Bass Science's remix of Supernova 500 is a 'silly' wonky banger full of unnverving cosmic synths, broken voice samples and off-tempo drums in a kind of twisted - and kitschy - space drama. Not to be taken literally of course :)
Escape from Supernova refixed by the master of cyberblap + verb is a real orgy of neon synths slowly burning through your mind with a power of E-class planet destroyer.
96wrld hailing from Lithuania, in Space Invaders Remix goes totally off the hook playing with his 8-bit toys like crazy m***er.

I encourage you to check this EP when it is finally out. Kudos to Car Crash Set for consistently releasing quality stuff.

Planet Soap - SuperNova500 (Bass Science Remix) by Bass Science

\ Planet Soap - Escape From Supernova500 (+verb Remix) by +verb

Planet Soap - Supernova500 (96wrld's Space Invaders) by 96wrld